Hope springs eternal

tree, forest, winter, hope, 2 guys photo, Sony NEX 6

Despite a week long stretch of very cold weather (here in the northeast United States), we’re managing to get through a winter without too much snow, so far.  I left work a little early one night last week and noticed that at 5:20 pm, there was the slightest remnant of ambient light, later than we’ve seen in a while, (It’s all about the light!).  With the shortest day of the year a month behind us, and January winding down, I’m beginning to think of spring, and warmth, and blossoms and greenery.

But being a New Englander all my life, I know that Mother Nature can be very clever, and often saves the best for last.  So, I’ll not get too excited just yet.  February, while short, can be nasty minx of a month, more dark before light, more fleece before flip flops.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go visit my lawnmower, just for old times sake.

And don’t forget — tomorrow starts our full month of black and white photography.  Send us your best B&W’s that you’d like to share with your fellow 2 Guys readers.

Sony NEX 6, f/4.5, 1/25s, ISO 3200, edited in LR4

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