Examples: Using a Nikon lens on a Sony NEX camera

Continuing yesterday’s post, “Sony, meet Nikon”, where I explained how to use a Fotodiox NIK-NEX lens mount adapter with a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 prime lens and a Sony NEX 6 camera, here are some images I made using that set up.  These are all straight our of camera except for some cropping.

“The Photographer”

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm, Hummel

A good example of the narrow depth of field attainable with this lens:

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm

Good color and contrast:

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm

Good, sharp details in the leaf, (I was tempted but refrained from playing with contrast and saturation after the fact):

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm

Good separation of subject and background:

NEX 6, Fotodiox adapter, Nikon 35mm

The bottom line is, I think I made a good call in keeping the Nikon lens and purchasing the adapter.  I’m pleased with the results and happy to have a fast lens in my bag.  I also appreciate the need to slow down to focus and expose the scene properly.

I’ll continue to shoot with this set up and you’ll be seeing more examples over time.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, feedback is welcome.


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7 Responses to Examples: Using a Nikon lens on a Sony NEX camera

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  2. Ed,

    You’ve made me a believer! I have a number of excellent Nikon lenses…knowing that I can use them with an adapter on the Sony NEX line has sealed my decision…my next “pocketable” camera will be the Sony NEX (haven’t yet decided on the 6 or the 7).

    Interesting how you describe shooting manually as slowing down “to focus and expose the scene properly”…since discovering manual shooting (and its control), that is all I do now. It does force one to “think” before pressing the shutter.

    Thanks for the informative posts.

  3. Rodney says:

    nice crisp photos. I need to get that lens!

  4. Michaela says:

    Hi, I have Nex6 camera and I want to buy Nikon lens50 mm f1,8. I dont know if this lens will be working with my camera and which is the right G or AFS lens? Many thanks

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Hi Jona. If you use the Fotodiox adapter as I did, you’ll have to focus manually, (no autofocus). Also, an aperture ring on the lens,(as found on the D lens), won’t matter as you’ll be adjusting the aperture with the ring on the adapter. Soooo, the differences between the D and the G versions of the 50mm lens really don’t matter. The G is the newer lens and what I would recommend. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. Ed

      • Michaela says:

        Hi Ed, thanks… I ordered Fotga Nikon G Ai AFS adapter and now I dont know which lens is better and better working with my Nex. Is better to buy Sony 50 mm lens or Nikon? Nikon 50 mm G or Nikon 50 mm Afs… I cant decide…

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