Christmas Eve

rey spadoni

I’ve been told that maybe it’s “an Italian thing”, that Christmas Eve as a holiday full of fun and festivity always seemed to mean more to us as kids than Christmas day itself.  Perhaps it’s because as we enjoyed seeing our grandparents and opening “the family gifts” (as opposed to the next morning’s “Santa’s”), we always knew that the next day was, after all, Christmas.  But then on the day itself, we sensed we were coming to the end, all too soon, of another long anticipated Christmas.

It begs, perhaps, a question of anticipation and expectation versus the reality of what it is that we’d been waiting for.  All those years ago, as a chosen people were awaiting a savior, one who would conquer and restore… the reality of that expectation and hope was met with something quite different: an infant born to poor and homeless parents who were far from home and essentially unwanted in their present location.  Instead of a legion of worshippers… there was a humble gathering of shepherds.  Instead of palace comforts and throngs of servants, there was a chilly night air and the presence of common barnyard animals.

May your Christmas Eve be all you expected.  Or then again…

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9 Responses to Christmas Eve

  1. Donna McCommon says:

    Very beautifully said! Merry Christmas to you, Ed and families.

  2. Rodney says:

    Lovely photo and message Rey. Anticipation is almost always better than the real thing because imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have. Just like in photography. Merry Christmas to you and your brother and your families.

  3. Rey,

    Beautiful shot of the Nativity scene, with the focus on the Baby Jesus (of course). Sadly, this same Nativity is omitted at many public displays this Christmas, uh, “Holiday” season. Perhaps that is why the PC police are so emphatic at replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” – it is well nigh impossible to separate Christ from Christmas.

    Thank you so much for the image and sentiment…btw, it isn’t just an Italian thing – Hispanics relate more to “Los Tres Santos Reyes” (The Three Kings) and the Nativity than to Santa Claus.

    May this Christmas season bring you and your families all the love, joy and peace the “Prince of Peace” brought (and still brings) to a weary and oppressed world.

    May God Bless…

    Frank V.

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  5. Clanmother says:

    A profound message to carry us through the whole next year. I am reminded by a quote by Benjamin Franklin as I look to 2013: “How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, His precepts!” We must remember the child who chose a different path to change our world…Thank you!

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