Something for everyone

YouTube is a vast repository of interesting, useful, comical, inane and brainless information.  This particular video, posted by Bart Zoni, caught my eye because of it’s title:

Mirrorless Camera vs. DSLR.   Image Quality?

Since I recently decided to go mirrorless and sell my DSLR gear, I was looking for others’ opinions on the matter, and in the process, discovered this video, which I think will be of interest to three different audiences.

Bart’s 8 minute video answered the title question in a way that anyone can understand, but in so doing, provided a fantastic overview of just how a camera works.  That is, how does that little box that all of us have used at one time or another, manage to capture a scene we view with our eye, onto a digital sensor or roll of film?

That seemed important to share with our many (and growing number) of readers who are very new to photography.  They’re audience number 1.

If you’ve made, or are contemplating making the transition from your trusty DSLR to a mirrorless camera system, Bart gives it to you straight.  Looking for advice, or affirmation?  Look no further.  Audience number 2.

And finally, there are those of us who enjoy a little distraction, a little learning, and an opportunity to file away some more useful/less information on that personal hard drive we carry above our shoulders.  Audience number 3.

Have a look and please do let me know what you think.  Was this helpful?  And thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to Something for everyone

  1. Rodney says:

    Fascinating and Informative! Thanks Ed. I am pretty much sold on the mirrorless. My next camera will most likely be just that. Has anyone tried the Nikon mirrorless cameras that you know? I have read mixed reviews on it. Also, do they have self cleaners in them for dust? The old SLRs you had to clean yourself, but now they have self cleaners in them. So wondering if the mirrorless cameras have those or will have those? Thanks for the great post.

  2. Prentis says:

    I guess I am audience 2.5…shooting a mirrorless for walkies and a DSLR for pretty much everything else. As it turns out as I watched this my wife happened to be sitting next to me and she tuned into what the guy was saying. She would be audience number 1. She said that he was the most understandable teacher on the subject (or any subject for that matter) she has heard in a long time.

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