NZ Journal: Who needs Hollywood?


Here’s a photo taken in Glenorchy. Stunning, stunning place. Movie scenes filmed here:

. The barn being blown up by the helicopter missiles in Wolverine.

. Isengard in LOTR. We saw the exact location that served as the backdrop to the Ents in their grand assault on Sauron’s fortress.

. The locations for the epic battle scenes in the first Narnia film.

. Lothlorian in LOTR. For you non-Tolkienites: where the elves hang out.

. The woods where Boromir met his untimely end (LOTR).

. Scene of the big warg attack (The Hobbit).

. Location of the fateful Gandalf – Balrog tussle (LOTR).

And more…

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3 Responses to NZ Journal: Who needs Hollywood?

  1. Clanmother says:

    Lucky you!!! I am so glad that I am tagging along so I can live vicariously.

  2. Great post. We went to Glenorchy on a LOTR 4WD tour back in October and absolutely loved it!! 🙂

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