NZ Journal: Queenstown


Queenstown is the vacation capitol of New Zealand. It’s also the adventure capitol of the world. Their marketing brochures say so. And I’d have to agree that there’s truth in advertising there since every billboard, television monitor and storefront in the central district shows someone falling out of an airplane, plunging into some canyon (secured merely to an oversized elastic band), careening across a whitewater rapid, clinging to a kite that is sailing away from a cliff… you get the point.

Tomorrow, we’ll try our hand at adventure as we signed up today for a spinning jet boat that will take us through Dart River to a 4wd vehicle that will… do something fun I expect… and then to a nature hike through Glenorchy. This location is noted for the fact that some of the key battle scenes in The Lord of the Rings films were shot there and it’s where the wargs attack the protagonists in the upcoming The Hobbit film. Oh yeah, there’s great natural beauty there as well.

Today, we took the gondola up Bob’s Peak and overlooked the beautiful city of Queenstown. Despite the rain and low lying clouds, the views were impressive.

Off to bed early as tomorrow is going to be a taxing day…

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2 Responses to NZ Journal: Queenstown

  1. carinzil says:

    glenorchy is just stunning to go hiking 🙂 loved it there.

  2. Jo says:

    Please tell me you drove just down the road to Arrowtown?!

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