NZ Journal: To Dunedin


The Adorian in Christchurch wasn’t much to look at but it was a place to rest your head and after something like 44 hours without any sleep, my head needed rest. After a great night of sleep, we then proceeded to first, look for iced coffee somewhere, anywhere and then second, to drive the five hour trek south to Dunedin. Iced coffee: they don’t got it. They do have a very creamy coffee flavored drink at $6 a pop in a small cup that they call iced coffee but forget about it. Even at McDonald’s, which by the way sports separate McCafe shops inside, there’s no iced coffee. The McCafe shops have separate personnel and offer high end treats, coffee drinks, etc. But no iced coffee. I’ll be complaining about that to Stephanie for the rest of the trip but I’ll spare you.

The drive south showed off the Canterbury Plains and several rivers originating from the Alps. We saw endless fields filled with sheep and, to a lesser extent, cattle. Driving in New Zealand, because it’s on the lefthand side, required both of our near constant attention today. I drove but Stephanie often had to remind me to turn right into the left lane (harder than it sounds) and to enter turnabouts (rotaries for us Yanks) from the left. I’m hoping that over the course of the next few days, this will become second nature.

We drove along the east coast of the South Island under plump gray and frequently threatening clouds. Though it did sprinkle a few times, we never saw rain and by the time we arrived in Scotland-inspired Dunedin, a big league “uni town” (college town), the clouds were mostly gone.

One of the key sites here is the Railroad Station. Here’s a handheld inside shot:


We walked around the city and eventually ended up at The Bog, an Irish pub. Bangers ‘n mash were tasty.

Tomorrow, we’ll drive around the nearby Akaroa Penninsula at Dunedin and then head south and inland to Te Anau.

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5 Responses to NZ Journal: To Dunedin

  1. Love following you here! What an awesome trip!

  2. Rodney says:

    What is the first building Rey? Great architecture and love the trimmed bushes. And dont worry, the driving will become second nature. I went to England last year and the second day was much easier.

  3. Jo says:

    That first building is the Dunedin Railway Station! Yay. Thanks for posting, enjoy your travels.

  4. Rodney says:

    Thanks Jo. Happy to have both information tid bits.

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