NZ Journal: The AC Grab in LA


Two flight down, two to go. Though I’m not geographically or chronologically half-way to New Zealand, I believe I am half-way there. Psychologically at the very least.

Four flights in total to get from Boston to Christchurch and I’ve got two under my belt. I’m sitting in LA, waiting for the 13 hour flight to Auckland and decided to charge up my electronics (the Blackberry and the ever vital iPad). I scoped out a nice, vacant area possessing a couple of unoccupied outlets and proceeded to untangle charging wires from my backpack. No sooner had I found the phone charger, when this gentleman frantically bounded from out of my periphery and assertively claimed one of the outlets as his own. OK, I’m willing to share as much as the next guy, but I was here first.

Wait, the woman to my left just unplugged her stuff. Off to the races…

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4 Responses to NZ Journal: The AC Grab in LA

  1. Made that same trip to Auckland in Dec 1981 with my husband and our one year old son. Have a great time. We did a farm stay with a family in Waipukerau, NZ and I have great memories of the hot springs in Rotorua… Will you go to the South Island as well? We stayed north since we had the baby.
    My travel tip for you reading your post (even though you didn’t ask) is to take an electric plug strip so you only need one outlet, but can plug in multiple devices in one wall outlet. Has saved me lots of aggravation when traveling!
    Safe travels and have an awesome time

  2. lizziejoy10 says:

    Sending blessings for a safe journey and wishing you a wonderful trip.


    Hi Rey,       Just read your Blog–how exiting ! So good to hear from you! Hope you are feeling good-be safe and happy.  Love, Loveyou, Ma Hi Rey, Have a great trip.  Pace yourself and enjoy. Love, Dad


  4. Clanmother says:

    Thanks for letting me tag along!!!! It is a competitive world out there – outlets are in short supply!

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