To New Zealand

New Zealand

I’ve spent more time planning a day at the local beach than I did contemplating a trip to a foreign shore some 10,000 plus miles from where I now stand.

A few days ago, I hinted that fate and good fortune might hurl me on a southern trajectory and now I can confirm it — I’m headed to New Zealand, flying out in just a few weeks.  I’ll board a plane and then a mere 29 and a half hours later will find myself in a place called Christchurch, New Zealand.

The map above shows my route from there as my companion and I will make our way all around the South Island, tramping (that’s what they call it) across many scenic routes, following in the footsteps of dwarves, hobbits and other Middle Earth creatures (Peter Jackson filmed the Lord of the Ring films and now The Hobbit there) and compiling an impressive mileage tally as we’ll see quite a bit in just over a week.  Assuming I can get used to driving on the left, I’ll look forward to telling you about this trek in the days that follow.

Our blog stats show that we have some kiwis among us and so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me?

More to follow in the next few days regarding my photographic tool(s) of choice and other related topics.

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4 Responses to To New Zealand

  1. carinzil says:

    nice you choosed the south island. i lived in nz for over a year and i preferred the south island… definately if you come across wanaka go the illusion museum 🙂

    btw i nominated you for the blog of the year award

    • Rey says:

      Hi – thank you for your comment and THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING 2 GUYS PHOTO! I’m really looking forward to seeing the South Island. Any sites I ought to make sure I see?



  2. johnjroberts says:

    You’ll enjoy it for sure. Used to travel there frequently for business. Spent a week at Lake Rotarua Lodge and the mountains NW of there fly fishing about 15 years ago.

  3. Rey says:

    Thank you, John. I expect I’ll spend a fair bit of time in the lakes area (headed to Milford Sound) and mountains near Queenstown.


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