The best camera is the one…

rey spadoni

… you completely forgot was a camera.

I was an early Apple iPad adopter, standing in line at the local storefront along with the fellowship.  The iPad was, after all, exactly the device I had been waiting for.

Well, that first iPad is long gone, having been replaced by a corporate issue iPad 3 complete with 4G connectivity and a scale topping 64G of memory.  It has become an ally, a diversion, a portal, a comfort, a vehicle, an inspirer and an absolute necessity.  I take it with me nearly everywhere… and yes, it has become all those things.

But a photographic tool?  No sir.  I have downloaded, via the nifty camera connection kit, photos, manipulated them and uploaded from there… but never have I used it for capture.  I always forget there’s a darn camera inside.  Besides, who wants to hold it up like a dork and shoot images and videos with such a lanky and non-purpose built machine?  Not me.

A few days ago, I was driving by an open field and saw these two stark trees set against a vociferous sky.  Wish I had a camera, any camera, with me.  Now that would look nice converted to black and white, I mused.  And then it hit me.  The iPad on the seat beside me has a camera.

Here is the result.

More on the iPad as photographic tool to follow…

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7 Responses to The best camera is the one…

  1. Bilie says:

    AH HA! There you go! Great shot.

  2. Clanmother says:

    Every time I use my iPad for photos – it is a disaster. And then when I load photos on to Facebook they are usually upside-down. Guess I need to look at the instructions!!!

    • Rey says:

      That’s weird. I haven’t had those problems…

      Good luck sorting them out! I’ll be taking the iPad as my only computing device when I go to New Zealand, so I’ll be able to give you more informed impressions then.



  3. Rey,

    You have really surprised me with this one. I’m a long-time iPad user…as a photo lab, not as a camera. I will have to rethink it’s function. Excellent composition!

    You don’t know how many times I’m going to/from work and I see something that I think, “that would make a great shot”, but my camera is not available – for those moments I will use my iPhone.
    I now travel with the camera in the passenger seat, ready to to go (just in case…).

    The biggest problem with the iPad is getting a decent shot while holding this awkward slab of electronics. I’d be interested to know exactly HOW you got this shot.

    Frank V.

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