Through another’s eyes

2 guys photo, joey spadoni

He’s got the talent, I’ve got the gear.”  I used to jokingly say that about my own son, Joseph, who often captured exceptional images using the most basic of cameras, including his cellphone.  I was impressed with his eye and his instinct.  We’d often go out for a walk around town and I’d be toting the latest and greatest kits.  He’d be carrying an old, nearly discarded point and shoot.  Then, later on, when I’d review images… I would often see something within his captures that really stood out.  More often than my own.

Well, now Joseph has the gear.  He’s shooting with my (should I say formerly my?) Olympus E-M5.  If you’re a 2 Guys Photo follower, you know it’s one of our most highly recommended cameras (see full review here).

Recently, Joseph and I spent a few hours walking around historic (and ridiculously scenic) Beacon Hill in Boston.  I found it fascinating to review each of our images together, noting how we saw and captured such different scenes.  Same place.  Different eyes.

I’ll be presenting more of Joseph’s work in the coming days…

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7 Responses to Through another’s eyes

  1. LaRee says:

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Joseph’s work. I understand your feelings on this. I’ve experienced it myself. My oldest son is 15 years older than his youngest brother. My oldest went out with his little brother when the youngest was about 8 years old and when they came home from the trip my oldest said to me, “Mom, don’t let him use that camera any more.” He was referring to the fact that he felt like his younger brother outdid him. It cracked me up because I’ve experienced the same.
    This is a great shot Joey captured and the post processing work adds to the drama.

  2. Rodney says:

    Well done Joey! Talent runs in the family, and seems to get stronger with each genearation eh?! Look forward to more of Joey’s photos… and a little background on what he thinks and likes about photography??

    • 2guysphoto says:

      Thanks, Rodney. I expect Joseph to comment on his photos in the future. I’ll be posting something of his on Thursday of this week and then in the coming weeks. Too late to call this site 3 Guys? Shhh…. don’t tell Ed!

  3. Ed Spadoni says:

    Very nice work Joe. But go easy – you’re making your Dad and I look bad!! UE.

  4. this photo is absolutely amazing! well done

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