Return to Monument Valley (sort of)

Monument Valley Sunrise, 2 guys photo

In 2010, we visited many of the iconic sights of the Great American Southwest, and Monument Valley was by far, my favorite.  I wrote in this post how I shot the sun rising in the Valley, but as much as I’d love to, I haven’t actually returned, despite the title of this post.

In truth, I discovered this forgotten image from the original trip, when it came up randomly in my screen saver!  The unedited image caught my eye when it slid by, and I hunted it down within the thousands I shot during the trip.  Somehow I had passed this by completely on the first round.

With the tonal contrast filter in Nik Color Efex Pro, I boosted the colors and contrast and feel that the results are much better than I had appreciated previously.  Makes me wonder what other hidden treasures I have on the old hard drive…

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11 Responses to Return to Monument Valley (sort of)

  1. lizziejoy10 says:

    Gorgeous photograph. I would love to go there. Another place for my bucket list. Blessings from Lizzie Joy

  2. Jo says:

    I think you better go treasure hunting! This is lovely.

  3. Clanmother says:

    I looked very closely and I am certain that I saw John Wayne in your photo! Or maybe it was Henry Fonda or Glenn Ford!!!

  4. Rey says:

    Fantastic shot of a fantastic place.

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