The Escher Trap

2 Guys Photo


If you’re familiar with M.C. Escher (for more, see here)… as I expect most are… then you may see what I saw here.

I once had an iPhone and thoroughly enjoyed snapping pics everywhere I went.  The whole “the best camera is the one you have with you” phenom was one I embraced and preached.  But then they went with a Blackberry enterprise solution at work and the iPhone was no more.  My wallet was happier – my creative impulses not so much.

But when I came upon this Escheresque scene a few days ago, I knew it was the camera in my Blackberry or nothing.  So snapped away I did.  Believe it or not, I took this into Nik Color Efex Pro and added, yes added, grain and contrast.  I also brightened the bottom half of the image as the Blackberry isn’t exactly a dynamic range demon.

Got me thinking about cellphone photography again…

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1 Response to The Escher Trap

  1. johnjroberts says:

    Nicely done (with any camera).

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