Prentis on the X100

Photo by Prentis Drew

2 Guys Photo follower and contributor, Prentis Drew, has been trying out the Fujifilm X100 of late.  The X100 is a favorite of one of the Guys (Rey) and a camera that the self same Guy has been recommending for the not so faint of heart (as it’s a piece of kit that takes some getting used to).  We’ve been wondering how Prentis has been getting along and so it was nice to receive this note:

OK 2guys, you wanted to see something from my new X100.  This is of my daughter on her birthday.  It was a warm evening along our Kirkland Washington waterfront park and there was a wonderful sunset to provide a dramatic backdrop.  The camera did a superb job of nailing the exposure and I didn’t have to do much of anything in post to create this image.

My impression of the camera after having it about 6 weeks now is an unqualified two thumbs up.  The images it produces are easily as good as what I get out of my D90.  For every day shooting the controls are becoming second nature.  Lesser used functions still keep me going back to the manual to find them, at least for now.  I am experiencing a world of difference taking pictures of people with this camera versus a big DSLR.  People less intimidated and just seem more natural in front of this little gem.  For 35mm (equivalent) focal length work, the X100 is clearly the go-to camera over the big guns and I am confident that I will get great shots with no compromise in image quality.  Just fling it over my shoulder and take off.  What could be more convenient?

Thanks for encouraging me to think again about buying this camera.  I am very glad I did.


Prentis Drew

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2 Responses to Prentis on the X100

  1. Prentis Drew says:

    It’s kind of a small version here. The full size can be seen on my smugmug site: , “Recent Gallery Additions.” Thanks for posting it Rey.

  2. Rodney says:

    Beautiful photo Prentis. Making me think about exploring into the x100. Thanks for sharing.

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