Sax Seer


Spotted this gentleman sitting outside Mike’s Pastry, the tasty tourist trap in Boston’s North End.  His music punctured the popping night crowd, bustling through humid 90+ degree weather even though the sun had long since set.

This musician is blind and therefore unable to shoot pleading and guilt-inducing stares toward passersby.  My sense is that that effects business.

Taken with an Olympus EM-5 (at 1/10 second… thank you image stabilization!) and using the dramatic tone art filer – one that provides just the right impact when you’re on the fly, but like a rich cannoli, is best left to a more tempered consumption.

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6 Responses to Sax Seer

  1. lem says:

    Lovely, there is warmth and a grittiness to this that is appealing.

  2. Prentis says:

    Nice shot. But I’m wondering, if shooting jpeg should you use an art filter on the fly like this rather than shooting standard and adding filtering in post processing? You get one chance to get it right in the camera and it would be hard to undo if you didn’t like the result. I have art filters in one of my cameras and have never used them for that reason. Of course shooting RAW+jpeg…no problem.

    • Rey says:

      Prentis – generally, I agree with you. I shoot jpeg and then edit later. I’m trying to get myself into the habit of shooting raw, even. On this particular night, I was basically just playing around with the camera and happened upon that particular filter. I spent 10 minutes just shooting with it. 90% of the shots are unusable… ridiculous. But this one I like.



  3. Prentis says:

    I have been shooting raw with my D90 all along. Enter my X100 with its own raw format which wasn’t compatible with any of my processing software except for the Silkypix package that came with the camera. It is a pain to use. So I started shooting jpeg just to avoid it. I finally broke down and bought Lightroom 4 which does work with the X100 raw files. It is a revelation. Non-destructive adjustments in raw and conversions to jpeg are quick and easy. Now I shoot raw exclusively again. It is great peace of mind to know that I can usually resurrect shots from my ham handed shooting errors.

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