Micro Four Thirds and Night Photography?


2 Guys Photo reader, Rory, wrote in response to one of my m4/3 reviews:

Hi there,

I’m really liking these M4/3 cameras, never had a M4/3 cam before but thinking about the EPL3. Would you recommend it for night photography? For instance, is the image sensor large enough for great qual night shots? aperture range good enough?

In a word: Absolutely yes!  I know, that’s two words.

I’ve been happily capturing night shots with Olympus m4/3 gear for some time.  This post contains just two examples (one more coming this Friday).  The built-in image stabilization gives you the ability to handhold down to unthinkably slow shutter speeds and I’ve been finding that the processors (beginning with the EP3, EPL3 and EPM1 Pens and now especially with the OM-D EM-5) are easily up to the task.  The above shot was taken at ISO 200, f22, and a full 60 second exposure.  Both a tripod and a remote shutter release cord were used, of course.  Only a few mild adjustments afterwards in Aperture and Nik HDR Efex Pro (though this is not an HDR photo; I still bring images into that program so I can selectively adjust structure, sharpness and brightness) were needed.

Here’s another image, this one at the same ISO and aperture but taken for 40 seconds:

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