The Wall

Photo by Prentis Drew

There’s the Great Wall of China.  The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.  How about the Berlin Wall in Germany?  Or the Western Wall in Jerusalem?  The Security Wall in the West Bank… Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”…

There are a lot of famous walls.

Well, we’re happy to bring you The Gum Wall of Seattle Washington.

Shot by 2 Guys Photo friend and contributor, Prentis Drew, the image above shows but a small segment of the brick alleyway wall at Pike Place Market in Seattle (home of the first Starbucks if I’m not mistaken).  The wall is covered with previously enjoyed chewing gum which covers a section that is 15 feet high and approximately 50 feet wide.  Some sections of the wall are covered several inches thick.  Nice.

According to an entry on Wikipedia, patrons of a theater began placing gum on the wall in 1993.  Workers couldn’t scrape the gum away fast enough and so the site was declared a tourist attraction in 1999.  Again, according to the Wikipedia article, the site is a popular backdrop for wedding photographers.  Just imagine that.

According to Prentis: “What you see in that shot is about 1 percent of the wall… only in Seattle would this be an attraction.”

We’re hoping to see more of this famous site.  Prentis… are you up for that?

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