A narrow depth of field

2 guys photo, bunting,flag, hydrangea, summer, sunsetAlthough rules are meant to be broken, this photo calls upon a few of the old standby’s:

  • Compose your image with something in the foreground, middle and background, to draw the eye in.
  • Use depth of field to direct the viewer to one element.

These hydrangea’s and the flag bunting were spotted recently at a favorite ice cream stand, (ahh, summer!), and caught my eye.  It was near 7:30 in the evening, about 45 minutes before sunset, so the low sun cast a nice sidelight on the flowers and flag.

Using my Nikon dslr, I focused on the first, blue hydrangea, and set the aperture at f/4.2, creating a narrow depth of field; just enough to throw the other flowers slightly out of focus and the bunting even more so.

I’m guessing your eye caught the bright colors and then traveled to the in focus hydrangea.  Then again, maybe you sensed the ice cream and that’s what brought you in!

Tweaked in Picasa.


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