New to the Seattle Skyline

Photo by Prentis Drew

One of the Guys, featured photographer Prentis Drew (see here for more), tells us that he recently completed a photo bus tour of downtown Seattle.  The image here is the newest addition to the skyline in the Pacific Northwest city.

But what really interests us is his newest acquisition: a limited edition black Fujifilm X100.  2 Guys Photo readers know that that’s one of our favorites and so we’re curious to know of Prentis’ experiences.  It’s not an easy camera to master, but we’re optimistic that he’ll start taking winning photos with his new kit soon.

Keep us posted, Prentis!

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2 Responses to New to the Seattle Skyline

  1. Prentis Drew says:


    Got the new camera yesterday. First impressions:

    – Black is way beautiful. Glad I did that. I got Serial # 08521/10000 so they must be going fast.
    – The black kit is pretty complete with what I would have bought anyway including a new (to Fuji) lens protection “filter” which negates the need for a lens cover.
    – I upgraded the firmware before doing anything else of course.
    – All the on line complaints about flimsy plastic menu controls are seriously overstated.
    – I don’t know what the original shooting and settings menu was like but I find the 1.3 firmware version of the menus is intuitive and easy to navigate. That was one of my fears in the early models based on all the on line complaints but I find no problem with it.
    – Startup time? Fast enough for me.
    – Focus time? Fast enough for me.
    – OVF Brilliant!

    But here is what really worked for me. I was led by the dPreview X100 folks to this site: . Bless their photographic hearts.

    I followed these instructions and I was up and running in no time. It saved me hours of pouring through the manual to get started. I may not leave things that way (I already have turned on the image display (1.5 sec.) based on your love of it) but it is a great place to start.

    Now it is off to shooting. It may be a while before I get something I’m proud of for the 2Guys site with this little jewel. Stay tuned.

    Fun camera! My wife even thinks it’s cool. (She hasn’t been shopping yet.)

    • Rey says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Prentis… and thank you for that link.

      When you have a few shots to share… (but don’t come calling until your wife has gone on that spree!)


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