Red boats on the Herring River


Oft photographed and painted, this red dory (and a nearby companion), floats in the Herring River, near Harwich on Cape Cod. We remembered enjoying this scene on a previous trip, (when stopping for a photo wasn’t an option), and given that the sun was fast settling in for the night, we headed with purpose to the river’s shore.

Below is a wider view of both boats in, what I feel, is a more painterly vista.


These images were captured with a Nikon D90 and my trusty 18-200 zoom lens, and due to the fading light, ISO was bumped to 800. Both images cropped a bit and edited in iPhoto on the iPad.

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5 Responses to Red boats on the Herring River

  1. Rey says:

    I know this spot well, Ed. Thanks for bringing me back there (while I’m sitting indoors at my desk). I like the offset of the bright red against the more natural earth tones.


  2. john stevens says:

    My name is John Stevens. I built and own the red boats. Cool huh?

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      In that case John, I and every photographer and visitor to the area owe you a word of thanks, as you’ve created a memorable and iconic scene for Cape Cod. I’d love to know the story behind those boats…

      Thanks for letting us know and for dropping by 2 Guys Photo.

      • js says:

        Play slideshow Save all photos Want to save all these photos at once? Learn how Online pictures are available for 30 days

        Ed, I have built and sold many boats but these two are special to me. And you’re right there is quite a story to both of them. They have appeared countless times in newspapers, mags, art galleries calenders, greeting cards ect. When I have some time I will send you the story of the boats. Glad you enjoy them and thanks for the compliments. Here’s some of the hundreds of photos I have . There have been thousands and thousands taken.

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