Just a few miles from my home, there are a series of trails and paths that I have come to know.  Early, mid-day and later afternoon hikes throughout many years of exploration have yielded countless images for my photo library.  Too many to count in fact.

Occasionally, though, I am there at exactly the right moment.

This image required a good bit of post-processing to bring out what I was trying to say.  The term ‘afterglow’ kept coming to mind as I looked at this, first on the three inch diagonal screen on the back of my camera, and then on the 21+ inches of the iMac in my home office.  Selective softening and then some burning and dodging, along with saturation, contrast and vibrancy adjustments brought to closer to what I saw.  And more importantly, how I felt.

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1 Response to Afterglow

  1. Mark James says:

    Nice, I think you nailed it.

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