Patterns in the forest

A quick walk Saturday through a nearby Audubon Sanctuary resulted in a nice break from civilization but not much in the way of interesting photos.  But there were fern and foliage in abundance, and being in the middle of a bright sunny day, the challenge was to capture some details in the deep shadows without blowing out the sunlit surfaces.

The repeating and random patterns of these fern caught my eye, and are a good example of the extreme brights and darks.  Manually exposed at f/6.3, 1/125 sec, ISO 200, I slightly underexposed to avoid blowouts.  I ran this through Topaz BW Effects then brought it back into Corel PSP for some finishing touches.  In Topaz I used the creative Simplify filter which helped to bring out the details.  And despite the name, Topaz BW Effects allowed me to retain some of the brilliant green.

I’m happy with the end result.  So make that a good walk in the woods and one decent photo to boot!


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1 Response to Patterns in the forest

  1. Rodney says:

    There are always interesting photos to be found when walking thru the woods Ed. Glad you found one for your walk. The patterns, lighting and texture make it a very nice photo indeed.

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