The Fisherman

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about watching a man fish.  I’m not much of a fisherman myself, despite many attempts and the ample patience of a very capable brother-in-law.

Yet the sight of a lone fisherman always intrigues me.  Is it his dedication to his hobby?  Is it the persistence and patience that I know it takes to be successful?  Maybe it’s just watching a person do something that they really enjoy, enough to make time for it, to study it and excel at it.  Or maybe it’s just that I respect diligence, but whenever I spot the lonely fisherman, I’m quick to reach for my camera.

Whatever the case, I spotted this fly fisherman in the Saco River in New Hampshire recently and, walking along the shore, was able to make a few captures.  My favorite is the one I placed at the top of this post.  Being in near silhouette makes him more iconic and somehow, mysterious.

But I also shot these.  This next one is a bit more traditional, showing us who he is but it takes away any mystery we may have had about him.

And then there was this shot. I was trying to frame him through the trees but I feel that there is too much foliage and not enough fisherman.

At any rate, I guess I’ll always be baited by the sight of the lone fisherman.  I’ll take the hook, and be pulled in to the next scene.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

If you have any thoughts on these images, or on fishing itself, we’d love to hear from you.  Comment below or email us at, and thanks for visiting.


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8 Responses to The Fisherman

  1. I enjoyed your commentary on images of fisherman this morning..made me think. Fishing in a stream or river like this is very peaceful and calm so the images also are calming to see. I think there are many instances where we find the ‘lone’ subject and for all the reasons you mentioned they capture our interest. Thanks for sharing…I have not been shooting too much lately and I think I must blow the dust off my camera and get out there! ~Hillary

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      “Peaceful and calm”… I think you hit the nail on the head Hillary. The slow and steady pace of the fisherman is just that. Thanks Hillary – and dust off that camera! Ed


  2. Sue Richardson says:

    In addition to peace, I will add “hope!” Hope that he can bring something home for dinner.

  3. Fred says:

    I like the one framed by foliage … it’s a “sneak peak” and highlights the peaceful bearing of both fisher and voyeur …

  4. I really like the image shot through the leaves as well, Ed, it brings us all into the wonderful sights & smells of Nature that is the heart of fishing…. love your commentary!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my interview, so very thoughtful! I’m lovin’ your blog & so glad to see you & Rey ‘back at it’. I missed you when you gone & now I visit every day, even though I don’t often leave a comment…. keep up the fabulous work & hope you both have a terrific summer!!

  5. Ed Spadoni says:

    That’s very kind Janet, thank you. And thanks for “keeping an eye” on us. 🙂 Ed

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