Lather, rinse, REPEAT

Those instructions can be found on just about every bottle of shampoo on the shelf, and I always thought the “repeat” part of the instructions was just to get us to buy more shampoo. So I don’t repeat.

But when it comes to photography, repeating is a different story. Amongst the many rules of composition, (and we know that rules are meant to be broken), repeating patterns can make for eye-catching photos.


I was on one of my jaunts recently and my eye was caught by these high tension wires and poles which seemed to go on forever.


The original photo was a starting point, and the first thing I did was crop to emphasize the pattern and the lines that draw us into the scene. Then I got a little crazy in post-processing, as I wanted to emphasize the “energy” in the image, both literally and figuratively.

What do you think, a little over the top?


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6 Responses to Lather, rinse, REPEAT

  1. Donna McCommon says:

    Outstanding! I really like this.

  2. Fredt says:

    Cool. Processed jumps out … you drew out of the mundane … as a sculptor finds her image in rock/wood/ice/whatever… very cool.

    • 2guysphoto says:

      Thanks Fred. I’ve been called a lot of things but never likened to a sculptor. I’m very flattered. Ed

  3. Rey says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty compelling before and after. The post processing treatment completely works…

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