Weekend inspiration: Up close and personal with Macro Photography


This week, DPReview ran this post on finding wildlife opportunities for macro photography, (more on that in a bit), and I was reminded of some recent “wildlife” I got up close and personal with.

I had just parked my car and was about to walk away when I noticed a small yellow bump just beside the door. I began to raise my hand to brush it away when it moved, quickly and to one side. A speck of dirt or a yellow seed dropped by the wind wouldn’t move like that, so I took a closer look.

The handiest camera I had was my iPhone 4 AND I just happened to have my macro lens adapter, both of which I grabbed and trained on the odd yellow dot, seen above.

This little spider had apparently hitched a ride and was now having a stretch after our long commute. I took one more before he scampered off…


These are both straight from the iPhone without any editing. For a camera phone and a $20 macro-wide lens adapter, I thought these weren’t bad. My biggest challenge, aside from the speed with which my passenger was departing, was dealing with the razor thin depth of field of the macro lens.  A tripod would have helped.

Once again proving the adage about the best camera being the one you have with you.

Back to the DPReview article – take a look for some helpful information on when to find spiders and other insects to shoot, (right now, as spring is their most active season), where to look, best time of day and how to approach for best results. They also share some amazing examples of their macro insect work.

The author is a professional nature photographer, so he has years of experience and top of the line gear. If you have a good macro lens, take a walk this weekend and find something interesting to shoot. If you’re new to macro photography, you can begin to dabble inexpensively with a set of close-up filters, which can yield impressive results. I wrote about this in this post, Macro Photography on a Budget, so you might want to take a look if you’re interested in getting started without making a big investment.

Either way, I hope you’ll spend some time outdoors this weekend and get up close and personal with our diminutive friends. 2 Guys Photo would love to see your best macro shots, so send them along to 2guysphoto@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to share with our readers.

Good shooting and thanks for stopping by.

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3 Responses to Weekend inspiration: Up close and personal with Macro Photography

  1. Howard Hull says:

    Cool shots, Ed…thanks for the DPReview article…and the inspiration!

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