Daily Photo Phix: Rodney’s “Ghost in the wind”


Rodney Daly, a longtime friend of 2 Guys, sent us this photo that he took recently on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, between Washington DC and Arlington VA. Here are his thoughts on his subject…

This is my favorite photo from the Memorial Day weekend. I
randomly took a bike ride (the pedaling kind, ha ha) and ended up on
Memorial Bridge to watch The Rolling Thunder come by. 55,000
motorcyles would participate, I was told. I made it thru the first 1000
or so. About a half hour before the Thunder came by, I noticed this
man sitting on the bridge opposite of me. Luckily I had my 55mm-200mm
zoom lens. I zoomed in and took about 10 shots. This one struck me the
most, so I cropped it a bit and to my surprise, it was pretty crisp
even from a distance.

I don’t know anything about this man’s story, but I imagine he
had a hundred stories to tell. At least 25 people came by to talk to
him while we sat and waited, but like a ghost in the wind he was gone
before I got a chance to walk over to him. I imagine he was a Vet. I
imagine he loved Harleys. I imagine he would have loved to be in the
parade. I imagine he had a hard, but free life up to this point. I
imagine a lot of things about him. You can surely guess some of his
stories from the sturdy look on his face and the flow of his long grey
beard with hair to match. His clothing even tells a story. But that is
just my IMAGINE-ation going wild perhaps. Rodney

My thoughts follow yours Rodney. I think your subject has had many adventures. From his defiant hair to his weathered skin, he looks like he’s seen a lot, and experienced much. Taken by Rodney with his Nikon D3000 and 55-200 mm zoom, at f/5.6, 1/1600 sec., ISO 200.

Thanks for sharing your Memorial Day find Rodney, and we encourage our readers to submit your best photos to 2guysphoto@gmail.com, for all to see. And like Rodney, give us some background and your thoughts about what you’ve created.

Thanks for visiting 2 Guys Photo.

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