Nantucket Harbor

nantucket harbor

I’m pouring though my photo library and came across this image, taken during the late summer of 2008.  It remains one of my favorites.

We were getting ready to depart Nantucket for Hyannis, Massachusetts, when I saw this one boat pulling out from its mooring.  Like an infinity pool, the water just seemed to drop down over the horizon, an effect I emphasized by squatting down for the photo.  The water was still enough to give the mirror-like reflections and the clouds sweeping across the back gives the sky a little something extra.

If you have a favorite landscape, feel free to send it to 2 Guys Photo, along with the backstory and we’ll be happy to publish it here.


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2 Responses to Nantucket Harbor

  1. Ed Spadoni says:

    How wide was the focal length Rey? That wide angle and low position of the cam really makes the shot. Well done!

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Ed. Pretty sure it was taken with a Sigma 10-20 at about 14mm (21mm equivalent). I love ultra-wides and tend to not leave home without one.

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