2 Guys Takes a Time Out


Since January of this year, 2 Guys Photo has published 250 posts, received over 1,100 comments and been visited over 75,000 times. We’ve developed a loyal legion of followers here and on Twitter, been sponsored by B&H Photo in New York, and had a whale of a good time in the process. We’re most thankful to those of you who pop in, to our featured photographers and to everyone who has taken the time to contribute and comment on a photo or a topic upon which we’ve pontificated. It’s all been great.

But it’s time to take a time out. Here’s why…

We’ve been wondering whether we’d be better off joining our efforts to larger and more established blogs. Or whether our posts, including the daily photos, would be better situated on one of the monster social media sites, such as Google+. On 2 Guys Photo, we’ve been trying to bring the community to our content. On those other sites, we’d be bringing our content to the community.

So, during this time out, we’re going to spend a bit of time researching and noodling our next steps. For those of you who have an opinion or feedback, we’re all ears

Ultimately, your 2 Guys are going to be clicking our shutters, talking about equipment, teaching what we know and looking to connect with other passionate photographers like you. That all may end up happening right here… or it might end up on another platform. When we come out of the “time out”, we’ll be sure to let you know what we decide.

Thanks for all your support, and don’t stop shooting! Rey and Ed

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10 Responses to 2 Guys Takes a Time Out

  1. Well deserved break and glad to know that no matter what you will still be posting and bringing so much great info on camera equipment, places to shoot and the people who shoot in those places. Your posts are greatly appreciated and though I don’t get to you every time I always am glad when I find myself drawn in to one of your blogs! Looking forward to the future and enjoy your time ‘out’! -Hillary

  2. A very well deserved break – but you will be missed!!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your next step…. whatever you decide to do, I know it will be successful, and I hope you will let us know! Best of luck!

  3. Donna McCommon says:

    I will miss you while you are on your break but I’m sure you will take the time to only make things bigger and better. I’ve learned so much from y’all. I will be waiting to hear what your next step will be. Good luck!

  4. LaRee says:

    It’s a big world out there and tough to get the message we wish to deliver across sometimes. Personally I find Google + to be somehow impersonal and I prefer a blog format. I think blogs deliver content in a more clear and concise manner. It is easier to find content that is specific to what I am trying to find. Maybe I have my circles set up wrong at Google + but I’ve been experimenting there for months before they went public. Combining your efforts with another blog might be the way to go though only you two can know that. I can only say that I’ll miss you until you figure out exactly the best way for you to accomplish what you desire. I wish you all the best and success in finding your chosen path!

  5. Billie King says:

    Thank you so much for all your posts, they’ve helped me in so many ways. I hope you’ll let us know where you land so we can find you again:) Best wishes to you both and I’m looking forward to your next step.

  6. Ed Spadoni says:

    Hilary, Billie, LaRee, Janet and Donna, thanks so much for your kind words and your support. Stay tuned! Ed

  7. Prentis Drew says:

    Rey and Ed,
    Your blog has a very different flavor from any other participatory photography site I have been associated with. I found your site…no, wait…you found me on the Dpreview Leica forum with my 50 year old digitized Leica slides if I remember correctly. The D90 forum was my site of choice for a daily fix until you guys came along. Herein lies a story. I hung around the Leica forum even though I don’t have one (who can afford those things?) I did so because there was a nice supportive flavor to the responses to other peoples photos. It was just a nice place to hang out. The other forums seemed to become pretty pointly if not a little nasty at times. Your 2guys blog has the flavor I have enjoyed with the Leica folks and I have met some interesting shooters here and learn from them as well as yourselves.

    Whatever you chose to do, I hope you can maintain that “nice place to hang out” flavor. I appreciate your hard work and wish all the best for you two.


  8. Ben says:

    I have only found your blog very recently and haven’t had much time to look through the entries, never mind add a comment!
    I’m relatively new to photography, starting a “photo a day” journal using my iPhone about twenty months ago and graduating to a couple of decent Canon cameras (not got a DSLR….yet……) this time last year.
    Sites like this are a great help and inspiration for someone like me. I hope you come back soon, however you do it, I’ll be sure to tag along.

  9. Rodney says:

    I agree 100% with Prentis! I understand why you are doing what you are doing, and I hope you figure out what is best for YOU two and for US! I am confident you will and I eagerly wait for your “new” blog..

    cheers, Rodney

  10. Prentis Drew says:

    Hey Ed and Rey,
    Did 3Guys fall off the edge of the earth? I’m going through withdrawals.

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