Daily Photo Phix featuring LaRee Brownell

Last week we introduced you to LaRee Brownell, whose abstract and very creative shot of the skyline on San Diego Bay taken from Coronado Island took first place in our Night Falls contest.  2 Guys Photo is pleased to share with you more of LaRee’s photography, with her own commentary and links to her online galleries.  Enjoy!

LaRee Brownell

Here in San Diego, California where I live we don’t get a lot of interesting skies. For the most part our skies along the coast where I live are flat gray (great for portrait work!) or clear blue. I get very excited when I see puffy clouds in the sky because it is so rare. The first thing I think of is my IR only converted camera. Clouds also make for better sunset images. I thought the skies looked promising so I headed to Ocean Beach hoping for some good color around the pier there. When I got there a layer of fog and haze was moving in and it looked like what I had hoped for was not going to materialize. I’ve learned that a long exposure in these conditions can pull color out and intensify it. Try it some time, I bet you are surprised. There was a portrait photographer working around the pier so I stayed out of her way and moved to get this image. This image produced the colors I wear in my clothing most often. This shot printed up beautifully on canvas. Sometimes a print is disappointing to compare the vibrancy of a computer screen, but this one came out even better printed on canvas and is hung in my living room.

LaRee Brownell

This image is Scripps Pier in La Jolla California. I am attracted to water and color. It was a warm day with a breeze and as the sun approached the horizon the wind calmed and the reflection appeared.

LaRee Brownell

This is Ocean Beach Pier and was taken in the middle of the day with an Infrared only converted Pentax *st ds. I like fiddling with the color channels in post processing. There is a lot of flexibility with the color channels in an IR file. This pier is the longest pier on the west coast. This is another image I had printed up in a 16×24 canvas and hung up in my home.

LaRee Brownell

I have many hummingbird images in my collection. I have feeders in my backyard and I plant native flowers that attract them. I live on a canyon and in September and October I go through over 64 ounces of hummingbird fluid that I make daily. This particular shot makes me smile because the hummingbird’s toes are all spread out and away from his body.

LaRee Brownell

A simple flower in Balboa Park, San Diego. I’ve heard photographers that are jaded about sunset and flower images, going so far as to say they are cliché and mundane. I always say, “The day I can’t enjoy a beautiful sunset or flower image, just put me in the ground because I am surely done.” I enjoy all of the beauty around me as often as possible and never tire of it or think it boring.

LaRee Brownell

I do enjoy a challenge. Shooting inside Birch Aquarium in San Diego (http://aquarium.ucsd.edu/About_Us/History/) is a very challenging endeavor. It is very dark inside and fish being the way they are just don’t hold still for a photograph! This is one of a series of photos I took on my visit this day. There are more in my flickr stream. I was contacted by San Diego Schmap Travel to use a shark image I had on my stream in the on-line travel brochure. You can see that here: http://sandiego.schmap.com/attractions/birch_aquarium_at_scripps?pn=16 If you click that link and then click the sharp photo it will link you back to the area of my flickr stream that has the other aquarium shots I took that day.

LaRee Brownell

This was taken on our annual camping trip to Anza Borrego State Park. I had seen a post of a fella that took long exposures of a campfire at night by dancing around the fire with the shutter held open. I tried it and came home with a dozen images that please me. It is fun to see what happens during this process. No two images are alike and cannot be repeated. That is very appealing to me and loads of fun!

LaRee Brownell

By now you probably think I am all about vivid color. It is true that I love color, but then I also love a good black and white and variations in-between too. I also absolutely love people! The image above was taken in 2009 at the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade held in Hillcrest San Diego. This parade rider had a wonderful face and expression. The second image (below) was taken at a different time and another parade but is still one of my favorite images.

LaRee Brownell

Three years ago now I started a small portrait and event photography business. Most of my client galleries are private but if you visit my website you’ll see a few portraits. I love people and I love providing them with images to remember special events in their life. What a great job to be able to do what I love, make others happy and earn money at the same time!

LaRee Brownell

*   *   *

Thanks for sharing your images with us LaRee.  You’ve demonstrated that your repertoire spans all types of photography, and you excel in every category.  I think they’re all terrific, but my favorite is that second cowboy image above, which is perfectly composed and the tones and presentation really complement the subject.  Bravo LaRee!

LaRee provided links to her online galleries so please take a look:

LaRee Brownell

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15 Responses to Daily Photo Phix featuring LaRee Brownell

  1. /clh says:

    Thank you for highlighting a local photographer that I just happen to know and whose work and company I really enjoy, Very nice,

  2. pdh says:

    Wow, are those some great pix, or what? I also know this photographer, although I wouldn’t admit it publicly. *g* This small sample of her work is illustrative of a larger consistently marvelous body of work. Thanks for the post.

  3. M. Mueller says:

    LaRee’s work is magnificent-

  4. Susanne Fagot says:

    Well I knew LaRee was an amazing person, and her talent continues to amaze me!!! These are fantastic LaRee!! Anyone would be honored to hang one of your photos in their home or gallery. VERY VERY COOL!!!!

  5. Connie says:

    I’ve been enjoying Ms. Brownell’s pictures for years! It’s wonderful seeing her work evolve over time! Love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing her amazing talent!

  6. Mike says:

    LaRee, you are a true artist. I’ve never seen better photography than yours, and it’s obvious you love what you do. I’m so glad that Paul sent me the link to this so I could appreciate the talent that you have. The best to you!

    Cousin Mike

  7. Daneen Roth says:

    Marvelous shots and a wide range of subjects and techniques. What wonderful new points of view LaRee gives us in these photos–love all the nature shots, the crusty old cowboys as well as the bright and beautiful youngster. Most interesting, her own comments about the photos and her creative process. Thanks for showcasing a talented and generous artist.

  8. LaRee says:

    Thank you all for your kind words, support and encouragement!

  9. Kramer says:

    You truly have a great gift and as long as I have known you, you’ve enjoyed being able to share that with others. Thanks Ed and Rey for giving us yet another chance to see her wonderful works…

  10. Such a wonderful set of photos. Nicework LaRee, I know it has taken alot of time to create photos that good. Have a fun day.

  11. Love all the shots you posted here but the winner of the contest is really top notch work. Outstanding job LaRee! 🙂

  12. Suzanne B says:

    Wonderful images, LaRee. I especially like the IR OB shot……….so cool!

  13. Fantastic job LaRee. Some really great images.

  14. What a great treat to see LaRee’s interview and selected images.

  15. Grace@Steve Benanti says:

    Needless to say your Aunt Grace and Uncle Steve are very proud of your beautiful photos,and of you,also! Keep up the good work Love @ luck

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