Daily Photo Phix: Streaming

Ed and I headed out to a local State Park for a photo walk (and 2 Guys Photo website talk) and happened upon this stream. It’s October in New England and there is supposed to be an explosion of yellows, oranges, reds all around us. Well, for reasons that scientists can explain, it’s been a bust here in terms of Fall colors. Nevertheless, we set out to grab any and all colors we could find.

Two tools helped salvage this scene. The first was the use of slow shutter speed to give a sense of movement and flow to the water and the second was a run through Topaz Adjust to pop the colors (as much as possible… because there wasn’t much there.). Taken with a Sony SLT-A55V and its lowly 18-55 kit zoom lens. ISO 100, f22, .5 second exposure.

The question is: did I leave this one in the oven a little bit too long?

Posted by Rey

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6 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Streaming

  1. /clh says:

    rather than overcooked, it looks crisp and vibrant to me; the rocks really pop

  2. Prentis Drew says:

    You guys are lucky to be in an area where fall colors abound (usually). This year your fall looks a little like mine here in Western Washington. We have such a mixture of broad leaf and evergreen trees (more toward the evergreens) that it never really gets that blast of fall color we photographers covet.

    I personally believe there is no set rule on how long a shot should be in the oven, as you so cleverly call it. It is in the eye of the beholder. Purists might say it isn’t representative of the actual scene. So what? The scene wasn’t very colorful to begin with. So I say go for the gusto.

    The shot begs the question, were you up to your knees in the stream when you took it? Do you have a waterproof tripod?

    Cool camera, by the way. You guys must have quite a stable of shooters.

  3. Rey says:

    Prentis – thanks for your comment. I wasn’t in the stream but rather perched atop a small, wooden walking bridge over it. That provided a place to set my camera down upon (so… not tripod. I hate carrying tripods!).

    Appreciate the comment…


    • Prentis Drew says:

      I dislike hauling around a tripod as well but do pack a Manfrotto 709BR mini tripod. Very light, compact, extremely solid and can handle the D90 with a good size lens attached.

  4. loverbean says:

    Probably not qualified to answer, but…beautiful photo in crispness and color. I would probably have like a little less water flow. 🙂

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