“Night Falls” Photo Challenge Winner Announced!

San Diego Bay by Laree Brownell

Photo by LaRee Brownell

2 Guys Photo recently launched its inaugural Photo Challenge, with the first place photographer winning a brand new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series.

Photo courtesy of carendz.com

OK, we’re not giving away a car (this time), but kudos abound and bragging rights are hereby dispensed with wild abandon to the winner.

The rules were simple: submit one photo that exemplifies the theme, “night falls“.  Were we a little vague on that one?  Absolutely… that’s the point.  And the submitted photos suggest that the theme idea did generate a wide range of possible contenders.

The 2 Guys (Ed and Rey) spent a fair bit of time deliberating over which photo best represents the theme and which we found to be the most artistically pleasing.  We’re happy to announce that the winner of the “Night Falls” Photo Challenge is LaRee Brownell, with the above submission.  Our rationale?

Rey: I like that this is a bit otherworldly.  There’s something familiar here… buildings, a cityscape… and at the same time, something unique, intriguing.  Are those laser lights? Are they emanating from the center green spire, like lights radiating out from a Christmas tree?  Clearly, the photographer zoomed during exposure, creating this nice sense of movement and the hub and spoke light beams make for an interesting effect. Reminds me of Han and the gang hitting hyperspace in the Millennium Falcon.

Ed: The zoom while shooting technique worked well here.  LaRee took what would have been a standard night cityscape and turned it into something unique.  I felt like I was “falling” into the scene, so it was very appropriate for our theme.

LaRee tells us…

This photo is an “iconic” shot of the skyline on San Diego Bay taken from Coronado Island. Every photographer worth their salt has a shot of this skyline at night. Smile SOOOO…when I shot it I thought it would be cool to move my zoom lens during the long exposure to make my shot different from the thousands on other San Diego photographer’s hard drives not to mention the few dozen on my own! My local photographer’s group was wowed by it and it printed up really nice on canvas too so I guess it was a success. I’m a member of a couple photography groups here in San Diego and it is really inspiring and interesting for the group to all go to the same place or event and see how different photographers see things. It is always an education and I find myself saying, “I didn’t even see that” often.

Congratulations, LaRee!  As the winner, LaRee’s photos will be featured in a future post on 2 Guys.

Read on for the runner-up photo and a few other honorable mentions…

Night Falls by Donna McCommon

Photo by Donna McCommon

The above photo, submitted by Donna McCommon, was in serious consideration for the winning image.  Here’s what we were thinking:

Ed: The colors of the sky really grabbed my eye, as did the gently curved (and I imagined, swaying) plant life in the foreground.  The structure on the side anchors the scene and provides some framing, although I might have cropped out about 2/3 of it’s width.  This is very relaxing and all in all, a lovely scene, but it was tough to beat the visual impact of our winner.

Rey: I like the calming effect that this image brings to the viewer.  You can almost feel the faint breeze as it caresses the tall grass in front of the shoreline and the colors in the sky, with the ripple effect caused by clouds and the atmospheric induced light variations drew me in.  Minus a few points for the shack/structure to the left.  There’s a bit too much for my liking and a surgical crop is needed.  Also, there’s a small blip of white light on the horizon line about a third of the way over from the left and that’s distracting.  And ultimately, I found myself wondering where the main subject can be found here.  A bit too much eye darting for my taste.  Yet… I liked the image enough to give it serious consideration for winning photo.

Thank you to all of the photographers who submitted images for this Photo Challenge. We’re including below some of the more notable honorable mentions.

Black as night falls Gordon Shukwit

Photo by Gordon Shukwit

Night Falls by Rodney Daly

Photo by Rodney Daly

Night by Mark James

Photo by Mark James

Sunset by Carole Orbeck

Photo by Carole Orbeck

White Truck by Duane Bender

Photo by Duane Bender

Please be sure to watch for future photo challenges here at 2 Guys Photo, and thanks for stopping by!            Rey and Ed

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6 Responses to “Night Falls” Photo Challenge Winner Announced!

  1. Mark James says:

    Well done LaRee. I like them all!

  2. kara says:

    Well, geez, guys, if I known you were giving away a Mercedes . . .. ;D
    Congratulations to the winner and runner up! Gorgeous images, all of them!

  3. Rodney says:

    Well, I don’t think anyone can argue with the choice for winner…. That is an amazing piece of photography!! Well done Laree!! My second favorite is Mark James… the clouds make it look like a cowboy and Indian chase on horseback with the foreground almost looking like an Arizona desert scape… I am guessing it is somewhere tropical, but that is the feeling I got when I saw it… so Well Done to Mark as well. Thanks 2 Guys for sharing.

  4. Carol says:

    Congratulations to LaRee and Donna- great work!
    Also, well done to Gordon, Rodney, Mark, and Duane.

    Ed and Rey – thanks for sponsoring the contest. I’m looking forward to your next one.

  5. LaRee says:

    Thank you for the honor Ray and Ed. All of the images presented here are quite pleasing to my eye!

  6. Donna McCommon says:

    Wow what a nice surprise. Thanks Ed and Rey for this honor. All the photos are super and I’m really overwhelmed! Great job everybody!

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