Daily Photo Phix: Fallen

"Leaf"I love the color, tonality and focus contrast between this autumn leaf and the rock upon which it fell (ok, I placed it there).  Panasonic Lumix LX5, ISO 80, f 2.5, 1/100 second.  Contrast, saturation, sharpness, vibrance all adjusted in Apple Aperture.

It’s only the forward edge of the leaf that’s really in focus, with the rest fading nicely into blur.  I’m wondering if this works?

Would love your opinions.  Thanks.

Posted by Rey

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4 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Fallen

  1. Mark James says:

    Yes, it works. I’d almost like to see 4/3’s with the top of the leaf and more rock, but it does say Fall.

  2. Rodney says:

    Hey Rey… I agree with James, it does work… and I too would like to see another version…to compare… just not sure what version that is :0)… maybe less blur on the leaf with more rock in view and a little saturation on the leaf? Either way, this is a nice Fall photo!

  3. Howard says:

    Hi Rey, I kind of agree with Rodney, but hey, you can’t go wrong with those beautiful fall colors…nice shot!

  4. Rey says:

    Hey… thanks for the comments and suggestions!


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