Daily Photo Phix: Are we there yet?

P1000399 TBWE

It was a hotel corridor like so many others: sterile, impersonal, and it seemed to go on forever.  I had too much luggage, a camera bag, and I couldn’t locate my room key.  But I got the shot.

Processed in Topaz B&W Effects,  with a Panasonic DMC-ZS8, f/3.3, 1/4 second, ISO 200.  And I still haven’t found the key.                                    Posted by Ed


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2 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Are we there yet?

  1. Mark James says:

    Nice to see you have your priority’s strait. Cool effect.

  2. LaRee says:

    I think this came out great too. The patterns in the carpet are a bonus but the composition is what is most pleasing to me.

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