Daily Photo Phix: Pistil

"Flower"The line of Panasonic Lumix cameras (LX5 here) possesses, in my view, the best close-focusing capabilities, bar none.  Ed has been demonstrating that of late with some of his posts.

ISO 80, f 2.0, 1/60 second.  One of the beautiful features of the LX series is that you can open the lens up to f 2.0 at the wide end and still maintain, despite the small sensor, pretty decent subject isolation.

I played around with this in Apple Aperture until is looked just about right.

Posted by Rey

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4 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Pistil

  1. James Krivitz says:

    Terrific shot, Rey. You’ve given it a floating, 3-D look.

  2. Billie King says:

    I love my Lumix FZ100, but I wish my pictures had better focus, most of the time they seem a bit off. Piknik’s clarity tool works wonders sometimes.

  3. Mark James says:

    They are great little cameras. I’ve always been impressed with them.

    Very nice shot.

  4. Rey says:

    James, Billie, Mark – thank you for the comments.

    Billie – surprised to hear that about the FZ100’s AF performance. Hoping you don’t have a lens misalignment issue… perhaps worth checking out with Panasonic?


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