Daily Photo Phix: Portrait of the Photographer

"Salt Flats"

In Death Valley National Park, there’s a stretch known as Badwater Basin.  A week ago, I hiked across much of it.

The Basin, also commonly referred to as the Salt Flats, is the lowest point in the Continental U.S., and is covered with this salty, sulphuric and quite grainy mix.  When I was there, it was about 108 degrees according to the thermometer in my rental car.  I’m guessing that out there in the middle of the Flats, it was even hotter than that.

I searched around for a point of reference, a way to demonstrate the sheer scale and vastness of the land.  Photos of the salty bottom would look like… a salty bottom.

As it happened, I did notice my own shadow…

Sony NEX 5N.  ISO 100, f22, 1/100 second.  Minor adjustments to all the usual things.

Posted by Rey

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3 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Portrait of the Photographer

  1. Jet Tilton says:

    thanks for the photo series out West! What lenses are you using on the Nex 5N? Is the lens selection holding back your efforts? Still trying to decide between the Nex 5N and an Oly Pen.
    Jet in Texas

    • Rey says:

      Jet –

      I used the kit 18-55, the 16 f2.8 and the wide adapter. I recommend all. If these were the only E mount lenses available, I’d say that yes, this would be a factor in the purchase decision. Sony has introduced a 30mm macro, a 50 f1.8, a 55-205 and the expensive Zeiss 24 f1.8. Two of these are available and two are coming. The E line-up is getting better and that bodes well for the system.

      Good luck!


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