Daily Photo Phix: Red Rock Canyon

"Red Rock Canyon"

Just a short drive off the Strip in Vegas lies the beautiful Red Rock Canyon.  It’s a treasure trove of photo ops all accessible via a park loop road with numerous pull offs and easy hikes out into the dessert.  It was my first afternoon there and I knew my hotel room wouldn’t be available yet, so… I pressed a few spots on the Garmin screen and within minutes, there I was.

This shot was taken with a Sony NEX 5N, which if you’ve been following the blog then you know I’ve been gushing over.  See my review here.

This photo taken at ISO 200, f18, and 1/200 second.  Only mild contrast, sharpening and saturation boosts in Apple Aperture.

Posted by Rey

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4 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Red Rock Canyon

  1. What a great shot Rey! The detail in the SONY 5N is amazing. I’m so excited to really give mine a work out when we travel next! Looks like you took in some good sights while in Las Vegas.. Would love to see some night shots from the ‘strip’ on our trip.. have any?

    • Rey says:

      Hillary –

      Believe it or not… I took no night shots on the strip. Seems like an obvious choice, but when the lights went down, I never ventured too far away from the Mandalay Bay, where I was staying.

      At some point, I’d be interested in your thoughts on a Canon 7D vs. Sony NEX 5N shoot out.



  2. Jet Tilton says:

    Rey and Hillary,

    Would you recommend the Nex 5N as a main camera? I know the lens selection is lacking, but other lenses can be used with an adapter. Can any external flashes be used with the 5N? I take family portraits on occasion, just sold my bulky Canon dslr, and I’m trying to decide between the Sony Nex 5N, the Olympus EPL2, the EPL3, or even the smaller EPM-1. Have you heard the video clicking problem that is currently plaguing the 5N?
    Enjoy your blog

    Jet in Texas

    • Rey says:

      Jet – I’m curious to hear Hillary’s comments on your question as she’s currently shooting both a NEX 5N and a Canon DSLR. In my view, yes… the NEX can be a main camera. It’s a capable shooter and the E mount lens selections is growing. Sony is releasing an adapter that will not only allow for Sony A mount lens usage but also a full DSLR level of AF performance. There is an enhanced flash available but if full flash usage is a priority, you may want to wait a month and check out the NEX 7. It takes “normal” Sony (and Minolta) flashes.

      Best of luck,


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