Daily Photo Phix: The chapel at Tlaquepaque

The chapel at Tlaquepaque, sedona AZ

Tlaquepaque is a lush and colorful village of shopping, dining, art and cultural experiences in Sedona, AZ.  Although it was begun in the 1970’s, it has the look and feel of a centuries old Mexican village.

This is the chapel of Tlaquepaque, and is a tone-mapped HDR of three images.  I set my Nikon D90 to f/6.3 and bracketed +/- 1 stop, resulting in images taken at 1/160, 1/80 and 1/40 second.  Tone-mapping the images evened the light and shadows from what had been a heavily shaded scene, and fortunately there was no wind, keeping those leaves nice and still.

Sedona, and specifically Tlaquepaque, ranked high on our list of favorite places to visit and we hope to return soon.  Have a  great Sunday.            Posted by Ed

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2 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: The chapel at Tlaquepaque

  1. LaRee says:

    I am hoping to get out to Sedona in February. I hope the weather is ok at that time of year. It’ll be going over the mountain range from California that may be a bit tricky. Your post has inspired me though and makes me look forward to the trip even more. Thank you!

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Hi LaRee – thanks for the comment. Be sure to allow enough time to get around to all the sights in Sedona including Cathedral Ledge in Red Rocks State Park, Tlaquepaque, the airport for some incredible views (great for making panoramas), and Oak Creek Canyon. Take a tour if you can to get acclimated then set out on your own for more detailed exploration. We had about 2.5 days which worked out but I would have enjoyed more time. Let us know how your trip goes and send us some pics for posting on 2 Guys. Best, Ed

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