Daily Photo Phix: Simple Enough

"Daily Photo Phix"I need to constantly remind myself: you don’t need to be at the Grand Canyon, you don’t need the decisive moment on the street, you don’t need a stunning model…

Sometimes it’s the simple things.  The play of morning light on lily pads, a few blooming flowers, an edgelight glow.  Simple enough.

Nikon D50, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/1000 second.  Sharpening and contrast boosted.  Saturation tweaked too.

Posted by Rey

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2 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Simple Enough

  1. This is lovely Rey and you are so right. I think that is the beauty of participating in ANY daily photo community. When you make a commitment to take a photo or even tweak and post an old photo every day you keep your eyes open to see the beauty or interest in every day things. I love your contrast here with the green and pink..wonderful gentle composition.. Yesterday to get in a different sort of scene with my new **Sony 5N I stopped and took a shot of a farm on my way home, then later out for coffee with my husband, Steve, I used the same settings and took a quick portrait snap of him at Panera.. just the simple moments in our days are captured.

    **I am loving the SONY 5N.. Art Hill from The SmugMUg dailies is afraid I’m going to get hooked and not use my dSLRs anymore..( so is my husband!)…No way, but this camera is really amazing and so good I almost feel like I am cheating. You commented on your ‘tweaking’ for this shot..I get some contrast boost and sharpening done in camera and don’t have to do anything it seems.. Amazing. So glad you posted that review and alerted me to it. B&H was awesome to work with, too! Thanks for everything!

    • Rey says:

      HIllary – glad you’re happy with the 5N and B&H. Tell Art and your husband that the 5N is your guilty pleasure. Hopefully your DSLR isn’t jealous!


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