Night Falls, literally

Night Falls Cyanotype

I was thinking about the photo contest that’s currently underway, where the theme is “Night Falls”.  Although Rey and I cannot submit, I have been thinking of different ways to represent that theme.

Cocheco Falls orignalI decided to go for a literal interpretation, so I started with this photo taken at Cocheco Falls in Dover NH one day last month.

Trying to imagine it as if it were taken at night with only available light, I converted it with Topaz B&W Effects, using the cyanotype filter to achieve the blue of the moonlight effect and quad tones for the painterly look.

Hence, Night Falls.

You don’t have to be so literal… or you can be; it’s totally up to you.  Send us your vision, past or present, of “Night Falls”, and remember there is no wrong interpretation.

We’ve seen some great photos, but there’s room for more.  The deadline for entries is next Tuesday (10/4) at noon, and submissions can be sent to

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1 Response to Night Falls, literally

  1. Mark says:

    I like it. Mine is not so literal as we don’t have fresh water here.

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