Daily Photo Phix: The Artist

"Daily Photo Phix"

Wandering through Maine, near Bar Harbor.  We spotted this artist, who kindly obliged us by letting us feel invisible.  We watched…

Had I been bolder, or with a longer lens, I might have had some fun repositioning myself relative to her canvas so that I could have seen more of what she was seeing relative to what she was creating.  That would have been the right story.

A Nikon D70s DSLR with one of my favorite lenses, a Tamron 28-75/2.8.  f5, 1/100, ISO of 200.  Just a sprinkling of contrast and sharpening added.

Posted by Rey

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3 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: The Artist

  1. Mark James says:

    Nice, I like that you’ve captured the essence of both of your moods as you go about capturing your scene’s of choice.

  2. Prentis says:

    Glad to see someone still using a D70. I really loved mine. Nice shot!

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Prentis… I’m sorry to say that my old D70s “sleeps with the fishes”, but the memory lingers. It was a pretty groundbreaking camera (or series actually, along with the original D70).


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