Nik’s Snapseed for iPhone – a follow up

Yesterday I posted that this highly regarded photo editing app for the iPhone (as well as iPad and iPod Touch) was free only through today.

Well, I’ve had a little more time to test the app and I have to give it three thumbs up.



With Snapseed, I was able to darken the blown out sky and roof of the train, warm the scene, crop and add a gritty, vintage look. I think it’s much more interesting as a result.



Colors, contrast and details were enhanced, and frame added in Snapseed.

Both of the above examples were taken at mid-day in bright sunlight, resulting in washed out colors, but the app allowed me to improve the scenes significantly.

More info on the app here. Let us know if you try it and what you think.

– Posted by Ed


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2 Responses to Nik’s Snapseed for iPhone – a follow up

  1. Hi Ed… I quickly downloaded it yesterday after reading your post. Looks great! I’m having to use an old iPhone 3Gs since my iPhone4 was lost 😦 The memory on this phone is nil so I will have to wait and use it once I get a new iPhone5 if they ever come out….I did download it to the iPad, too, for free so will see how it works there when I get a chance. Just wanted to ask…When you say you give 3 thumbs up..that is 3 out of how many? Just curious…as I was not sure if you were really happy or if it was out of 5 you were sort of middlin’ Have a great weekend! Hillary

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Hi Hilary. Sorry for the confusion. I was going one more than the normal max number of thumbs, which would be two. In other words, I think it’s *very* good.

      Send us some images once you’ve started using it and we’ll post them. Sorry to hear abt your iPhone 4. Hope the 5 is out soon! Ed

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