Daily Photo Phix: Commuters

Two men commuting on a train

Coming down to Philadelphia last week on the Amtrak Acela (the only way to fly), I put my Panasonic ZS8 in silent shutter mode and snapped this shot of my fellow commuters.  It made me think of the young lion on the right, intently studying his laptop and animatedly conversing via the Bluetooth device in his ear.  Opposite him, I saw a senior statesman, with a beat-up valise by his feet, contentedly enjoying the newspaper.  Sharing the same seats but generations apart.

Taken with a Panasonic DMC-ZS8 in manual exposure mode, at f/4, 1/40 second, 36mm (equiv) focal length.  Processed using Topaz BW Effects, following a tip from Rey in this post.  Thanks Rey, this application looks like a keeper.     Posted by Ed


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3 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Commuters

  1. Christine says:

    Love the juxtaposition of the two subjects – speaks volumes. Also love the texture – adds to the feeling of changing times captured by the photo. Well done.

  2. Rey says:

    Outstanding. Classic “street photography”, albeit on a train. As Christine notes above, the juxtaposition works well. Great shot, Ed.


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