2 Guys Photo Contest: Night Falls

2 Guys Photo is pleased to announce a photo contest for all of our readers.  The rules are simple (see below) and the theme is “Night Falls“.  Please consider sending us an image (submit to 2guysphoto@gmail.com) which fits this theme and remember, creativity counts!  Please submit a jpeg format photo that is 800 pixels on the longest side.  If you send us something too big, we’ll downsize it and if you send us something too small and it looks as though it could be a winner, we’ll let you know.  Send us your best shot because you can enter only once.  The deadline is Tuesday, October 4th at noon (EST).  The 2 Guys (Ed and Rey) will be the judges and within about a week of the deadline, we’ll post photos for the winner and runners up.  We’ll provide some comments on why we chose what we did.  1st place winners will have their work featured on 2 Guys Photo.  We’re not giving away a Lexus, but bragging rights are worth something, no?

Here’s a bit of small print to add: we’ll do our best to protect images from scoundrels who might like to steal your photos and turn them into billboards or claim them as their own, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t happen.  Any time a photo is published on-line, it’s subject to this sort of thing.  If you’d rather not have your photos published on-line, better off to not submit.  We recommend you add to your work a small but noticeable © watermark.

OK, small print over.

Please consider entering our Contest!

Ed & Rey

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2 Responses to 2 Guys Photo Contest: Night Falls

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  2. Mark James says:

    OK, I bit and sent in a picture. Adding the s on the end of night fall totally changed the meaning for me so I hope that even if the shot doesn’t fit the theme that at least you enjoy it.

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