Daily Photo Phix: Livin’ on the Edge

"Daily Photo Phix"

I was having a conversation today with a co-worker about our worst fears.  Hers involves sharks and mine… very high cliffs.

This shot was taken near Page, Arizona, at the site of the famous and much photographed Horseshoe Bend (you’ve seen it a million times).  I recall struggling mightily with my fear as I edged closer and closer toward the perfect shot.  I also remember seeing that there were the squeamish among us as well as the fearless.  I captured this photo of a dedicated and most assuredly courageous (if not foolhardy) photographer as he angled, positioned, and danced dangerously close to the abyss.  You can’t easily tell from this photo, but the crevice to his immediate right actually contained an opening leading right down to the bottom of the cliffs (over a half mile plunge).

That’s just not my style.

Captured with a Nikon D90 and the exquisite Nikon 16-85 (best bang for the buck in Nikon’s DX lens line-up, bar none).  ISO 200, 56mm, f7.1, and 1/200 second.  Tweaked up in Apple Aperture.

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