Daily Photo Phix: Frisbee

"Daily Photo Phix"I was taking a sunset stroll on the bay facing side of the Cape when I spotted a group of young men playing frisbee.  This particular participant was most adept at making the leaping grab or stretching to keep the disk from falling into the coming waves.  Thinking it might be interesting to capture a grab from the precise angle necessary to silhouette him against the fading, red sun, I positioned myself.  Then, I merely need to wait until he made the proper reach and then, hopefully, right in front of the sun.

Thank you for obliging, young man.

Taken with my always trusty Panasonic TS1 (newer model here) as I’m disinclined to take less hearty gear into a misty, seaside setting.

1/1000 second, f3.5 and ISO 125.  Photo taken into Apple Aperture where I boosted up the saturation and contrast and added a tinge of sharpening.

Posted by Rey

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4 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Frisbee

  1. Donna McCommon says:

    This is really wonderful. What a great capture. I bet it was fun to watch them play until you got the right shot.

    • Rey says:

      Donna – thank you. It was fun and frustrating. Fun as I watched them play… frustrating as I kept trying to position myself exactly in the right spot to line up the player and the sun, watching him rove around a 50 foot diameter circle in front of me. The shot here just came together…


  2. Mark James says:

    I was sitting at the beach last night with my camera thinking the same thing. The only camera that I ever had get damaged at the beach was a P&S that was hit by a splash from a rouge wave, but sitting there last night with a $1,000 lens had me thinking.

    Great shot, love the light on the water.

  3. Howard says:

    Your patience certainly paid dividends Rey, superb capture!

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