Daily Photo Phix: Ominicity

Ominous clouds over a cityscape taken with an iPhone

Click image for a larger view

Omin-i-city: (noun) A heavily populated urban area experiencing severe or dire conditions.

Ok, I made the word and the definition up entirely, (although oddly, I did learn that “Ominicity” is the name of a hotel in Montreal!).

Well, that’s the word that came to my mind on Friday afternoon when I saw this ominous sky poised over the city. I knew there was nasty weather in our future.

I fired off a few shots with my iPhone using the Camera+ app. This is still my go to app for both capturing and editing.

As if it wasn’t ominous enough, I went on to edit using Clarify and Redscale filters.

Another image, also taken with this same app but processed differently can be seen here for comparison.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, minutes after taking this, that dramatic sky all blended into one mono-grey palette, and it rained like a monsoon for about an hour.

Timing is everything, especially when you find yourself in the… Ominicity. (Cue melodramatic music, and… cut!)

* * *

A quick note about Friday’s Photo Phix: “Just JUMP”… based on your emails and comments, it looks like many of you really enjoyed that photo.  And many of you said you had or were planning to take some similar shots.  Please send along your “Jumpers” and we’ll include them in a follow up post.  2guysphoto@gmail.com is the way to reach us, so please do!

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1 Response to Daily Photo Phix: Ominicity

  1. kara says:

    Very ominous! And I love seeing how the two shots are processed differently. Thanks for sharing!

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