Daily Photo: Rodney Daly’s Brazil

Favella in Brazil, by Rodney Daly

Exposure: 1/1250 sec Aperture: f/7.1 Focal Length: 55mm

Rodney Daly, a long-time friend of 2 Guys, sent us this image from a recent trip to Brazil.  Rodney writes:

Hey Ed and Rey,

This is one photo from Brasil that I really like. I toured a favella, which is essentially a ghetto on a hill, in Rio De Janeiro. I think this depicts the life of a lot of people in Brasil. The favellas are interesting because the “houses” seem to be built right on top of each other. This was taken from the top of the favella and I like how you can see the blue water “towers” they have to use for their water source. I had my standard 18mm-55mm lens with my Nikon D3000. I used a little higher aperture to try and capture the depth of the steepness of the hill. It was mid-day so I had my ISO at 400. All and all I like how this photo represents the Brasil I saw and visited.

Thanks, Rodney

Those are pretty dense living conditions!  Terrific detail on this Rodney – you can zoom in and see the clothes on the lines and the details in the brick, (click on the image to zoom in).  Good choice of aperture and shutter speed too.  Thanks for sharing this photo with 2 Guys Photo.

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4 Responses to Daily Photo: Rodney Daly’s Brazil

  1. Prentis Drew says:

    Great shot! It always interested me that even in these difficult living conditions you still see satellite dishes everywhere. Priorities, priorities.

    • Rodney says:

      Yes Prentis. I found that interesting too…. They had bars with TVs in the favella too. Of course their wiring was shoddy at best and as we walked down the steps to the bottom we were head level with a bundle of wires used for electricity. I am curious what it looked like 30 years ago before satellite TV and such. It was a unique experience either way.

      thanks for your comment, Rodney

  2. 2guysphoto says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sending this in, Rodney. I’m always interested in travel photos, particularly ones that give some insight into the life and culture in lands I may never visit.


    • Rodney says:

      Hey Rey,

      You are welcome. Thanks for your comment and posting my photo. I do LOVE to travel and only wish I had more time and money to do so :0). But as a traveling nurse I can’t complain because I do get to travel and especially in our own country. There is enough to see in this country, and enough diversity in ways of life to keep someone busy a lifetime. Glad you enjoyed the photo. I will hopefully send more in someday.

      cheers, Rodney

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