The Photographic Instinct… or How Not to Kayak




Moments earlier, I was seated in this kayak along with my son.  We were 100 yards offshore on the southern leaning edge of Cape Cod when a larger than expected wave hit as we were rotating the boat from straight off from shore to inward bound.  In other words, we were most vulnerable to capsizing since we were parallel to land.

For about five seconds, as the kayak quickly filled with water (top image above), my singular impulse should have been toward preparing for the tip.  Because I had opportunistically attached my Panasonic TS1 point and shoot camera (i.e., the one that can be dunked) to the upper strap of my vest, I was able, within that brief window, to begin photographing the scene as it was unfolding.  Moments later, my son was out of the craft, as was I, (bottom photo) and we then should have turned our attention to swimming to shore, now with the heavy and barely maneuverable kayak by our sides.  Should have.  My son immediately began the task of heading to land where the boat could be tipped and emptied.  But I kept capturing images.

Have you ever taken photos… when you should have been doing something else more important?

Posted by Rey

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3 Responses to The Photographic Instinct… or How Not to Kayak

  1. Ed Spadoni says:

    It’s good to see you have your priorities in the right order! Pretty good action shots – I hope no humans were drowned in the filming of this docudrama 🙂 Ed

  2. Rodney says:

    Ha Ha… I am sure we are ALL guilty of shooting photos when we should be doing something else. I must say, I have never shot photos while almost drowning. And I don’t do extreme kayaking like you do apparently. Thanks for the Monday morning humor. The first photo looks like you had to be standing up take it though, were you standing in a kayak? On the shore already? Curious.


    • 2guysphoto says:

      Rodney – on one of the shots, I was treading water and holding the camera as high over my head as possible. On the other, we had navigated over to a sand bar and so even though we were fairly far off shore (far if you’re lugging a 200 lb boat full of water), I was able to stand. Good catch!


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