Daily Photo: Dennis Warren’s Unexpected Egret

Today’s daily photo was sent in to us by Dennis Warren, who calls himself an “amateur enthusiast with over 35 years of learning”.  I like the sound of that, because we never stop learning!

Egret by Dennis Warren

Dennis Warren's unexpected egret

Read on to learn how Dennis made this image while intending to shoot something totally different.

The photo was taken at a meet up event with the Florida Center for Creative Photography meet up group www.meetup.com/fccp-photo/ (formerly the North Pinellas Photography Forum).  We met at the North Fishing Pier (the longest fishing pier in the world) off of the Sunshine Skyway bridge. http://www.skywaypiers.com/  The meet up was planned in order to capture an infrequent opportunity of the time and position of a moonrise relative to the support columns of the bridge. Wouldn’t you know, there was cloud cover for the first time in months that obscured the event. BUT,  there are many photo opportunities around the pier.

The pier is, in fact, the remains of the original bridge which was destroyed in a shipping accident may years ago.  http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2010/reports/sunshine-skyway-bridge-collapse/

Sometimes we’re rewarded with opportunities we just don’t expect.

Nice job capturing this beautiful egret, Dennis.  I really like the warm, even tones of this image and that subtle reflection.  Thanks for sending us this image and we’d love to see some shots of that pier.  For more of Dennis’ work, please visit his website, www.denniswarren.com.

Everyone is invited to leave positive and constructive comments on this and any Daily Photo we post.  And if you would like to be published in 2 Guys Photo, please email us your image with some commentary on where and how you made the image, and we’ll do our best to make you famous ;-).

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2 Responses to Daily Photo: Dennis Warren’s Unexpected Egret

  1. It’s a beautiful image. I really like the warm color tone surrounding the Egret. I also really like turning one missed opportunity into something else.

  2. Mark James says:

    Nice shot.

    One of the nice things about photography is there is always something to shoot, and if you alter your perspective you can always find something special hiding in plain sight.

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