Daily Photo: Art Hill’s Hibiscus on deck

In response to yesterday’s post inviting readers to submit photos for our Daily Photo feature, Art Hill, a friend of 2 Guys and a Featured Photog sent us this image taken just the other day on his deck.

Hibiscus on Deck, by Art Hill

Art tells us that he shot this at “f11, 1/80th of a second at 400 ISO which I often choose for flower shots so that I can make a small enough f-stop to get the whole flower in focus.  The framing and tilt effect are just a couple of the one-click options you have when you send photos using Windows Live Mail.”  Art wrote about options for sharing photos on his blog.  Please visit his post here.

Thanks Art.  Your depth of field is just right to isolate the flower and put the background into a nice soft blur.  The light and shadows in the background also help make for an attractive backdrop to the main subject.

Readers are encouraged to add their comments to Art’s image.  And remember, if you send us a photo, we’ll do our best to feature it as a Daily Photo.  And thanks for visiting 2 Guys Photo.

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5 Responses to Daily Photo: Art Hill’s Hibiscus on deck

  1. Rodney says:

    I really like this hibiscus shot. I particularly like the blur of the background and the different shades of green with different lighting… some how makes the hibiscus stand out more to me. Well Done

    Rodney Daly

  2. 2guysphoto says:

    Nice shot, Art. I like the colorful contrast between the subject and the rich, green backdrop.


  3. Ian Soliva says:

    I like how the photo tells a story of a flower in bloom, how the green buds depict weariness, then, BAM! out comes jack-in-the-box!

  4. I like the inspiring upward pose of this bloom and really love the green tones and soft bokeh in the background.

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